Diomedes is a research and development company with advanced design expertise for mechanical and aeronautical engineering. 
It believes that the major part of the value adding process relies 
on following through on all steps of the design process, from 
concept identification to detail design.

Thanks to vast experience in engineering design over many
years in a wide range of projects, Diomedes established a 
high level of skill and creativity as well as sound methods 
and tools to find the best design to meet the required 

Although capable of doing production on a small scale, 
the main emphasis on its activities lies in developing 
new products and technologies. Diomedes endeavours 
to play a roll in advancing the South African research 
and development landscape and entertains close 
cooperation with academic institutions
, mainly with 
the University of Pretoria. It is actively involved in 
student training and supervision of student 
thesis work.