Core business
Prototype development
General mechanical engineering design (specialized machinery, test rigs, jigs, etc.)
Airframe design
Ultra light structures


Solid modelling (CAD)
Basic workshop capabilities for prototyping (welding, cutting, grinding, drilling, milling, lathe work, etc.)
Composite material manufacturing capabilities
Training of students

The Diomedes team has to its disposal design offices with adjacent prototyping workshops equipped with all basic tooling and as well as composite manufacturing facilities. Being involvement with student training and responsible for the Exulans project, Diomedes has office and workshop space at the University of Pretoria. Diomedes is well connected to a large network of subcontractors for specialized manufacturing and other services.

The team
Diomedes was founded in 1997. The team comprises of a young and dynamic core of engineers and workshop assistants. It is actively involved in providing practical training and provides thesis opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate students, including exchange students from abroad.