The Afritrike
The Afritrike is a light yet sturdy human powered load bearing 3 wheeler designed for rural area applications. The Afritrike project came forth from a contract by the Department of Transport of Kwazulu Natal for a prototype batch. It was decided to design a tricycle chassis using where possible standard bicycle components, thereby ensuring low spare parts cost and good availability. The design entails a steel structure with drive train and wheel mounts that can be fitted to the rear wheel fork of virtually any mountain bike frame.
Click for bigger picture Special features:

· 2 wheel powering
· 150kg payload
· Powerful brakes
· Proper gearing to easily negotiate steep gradients even at full load
· Adequate braking power designed for the rated load (150kg)
· Rear wheel suspension
· Sturdy, yet light weight design


The Afritrike shown with a 
crate on the load platform